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Absolute security is amazing. We have them every day at our shop and they are so helpful. They contribute during the day with duties that are not required of them whatsoever, and they do their jobs well. I feel totally safe with them around and they genuinely care about your well being.

- Mia M.

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From home and personal protection to business and executive level bodyguards, Absolute Security and Personal Protection’s mission is to ensure you and your properties are safe. We help to set the standard of personal, residential, and commercial protection in the Denver metro area.

With the areas growth and new industries coming in, it has been important to stay at the leading edge of the security services that the industry provides to ensure the best service and safeguard in dynamic times, regardless of whether it is in the field or in our city.

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Security Services in Denver, CO.  We serve a variety of clients in diverse industries.  Specializing in Denver Cannabis Security Services, Executive Protection, Bodyguards, Office Building and Residential Property Security, Camera and Alarm System Installation and Monitoring, Absolute Security & Personal Protection is able to provide professional and experienced security solutions in order to maximize protection and safety.  Our services are focused to not only enhance the safety of your business, property, customers, and assets, but will also bring professional and useful value to your establishment.

Denver Cannabis Security Services

The marijuana industry can benefit from the approach and strict ethics that Absolute Security and Personal Protection provides to set an industry standard. The professional armed and unarmed security guards are trained specifically to secure marijuana facilities, medical, and retail stores. Providing owner operators, bud tenders, and collective members with unparalleled security from a company with an equally strong reputation in the marijuana sector. Absolute Security & Personal Protection’s trained security personnel reduce safety risks to your staff, customers, and assets while providing an additional layer of MED compliance. This includes risks associated with ID verification, cannabis consumption inside and outside of the property, loitering, asset protection, and other illegal activity around the property. Denver Cannabis security services are available 24/7 during business and overnight hours!.

Office Building and Residential Property Security

Office Building Security will protect your property, assets, and visitors while maintaining order and peace. We understand that every job is different, facing unique threats and concerns. The security services are tailored according to your needs in order to maximize protection. Absolute Security & Personal Protection provides professional office building security services that are available 24/7 with armed guards, patrol services, camera and alarm system installation, remote surveillance and response, and much more!

Our residential property security services offer peace of mind to property managers and residents. Absolute Security & Personal Protection offers a variety of security solutions to residential properties including armed guards, camera and alarm system installation, off site surveillance and monitoring, patrol, emergency response and much more! Our services provide a safe and comfortable environment to your residents while keeping your assets safe and secure.

Security experts provided by Absolute Security & Personal Protection are here to cater to your specific needs. Our flexible services are here to satisfy the needs of your property no matter how big or small. While larger apartment and residential communities may require multiple armed guards with 24 hour surveillance and monitoring, smaller communities may only require remote surveillance services with periodic property patrol. Absolute Security & Personal Protection will optimize your residential property security services in order to provide adequate protection and minimize costs. Learn more about Residential Community Security Services here.

Executive Protection

Our trained professional bodyguards are able to provide armed security for executive level protection. With concealed carry permits, Absolute Security & Personal Protection is able to provide your VIP with the security and peace of mind that they have a detail that is trained and armed for their defense. From high-level businessmen to government representatives, our executive protection team is able to provide the highest level of protection.

Executive businessmen, celebrities, and high profile individuals that desire an additional level of protection, our security detail goes where you go. Whether you are traveling for business, attending a concert, speaking at an event, or even going out for a night out on the town, we’ll be by your side. Absolute Security and Personal Protection provides airtight plans for high profile VIPs to take care of their day-to-day operations without the worry of threats or unwarranted interruptions.


Our bodyguard protection service’s obligation is to provide business professionals, celebrities, VIP’s, artists, and private clients with a full range of personal, discreet, and professional protection services. Absolute Security and Personal Protection implements a “hands-on” personal approach to our assignments to customize a solution that meets your expectations, needs, and budget while ensuring we can abide by those standards.

Our staff can either act as a close protection office, executive protection officer or bodyguard in a suit or casual apparel, in association with your situation and needs. Tell us what you desire or consult out professional staff about what level of protection is best suited for your needs. Protecting your freedom and liberties by employing a bodyguard is imperative to ensure your security and provide you confidence in your ability to live your day-to-day lifestyle. Bodyguard services provided by Absolute Security & Personal Protection are tailored to you demands. A variety of bodyguard security services are available including individual or teams of bodyguards, armed bodyguards, armed transportation and drivers, client pick up and drop off, risk analysis and planning, among many other bodyguard services. Ensure a safe and pleasant experience by obtaining the best security service for you.

Security Camera System Installation and Monitoring

We provide expert camera installation that will allow you to view your business live through your smart phone, computer, or any online connection. If you currently have a system we can work off your established system to add cameras or even monitor them for you.

Allowing your business to determine what level of security and coverage you desire, we can advise on, and install, any type of security camera on premise. From wide angle and low light cameras inside to tampered glass cameras for outside use, you choose what solution is best for your business. Due to the concern of vandalism and damage to the cameras, Absolute Security and Personal Protection offers an array of tamper-proof cameras with metal casings to monitor your property under any circumstance. Our professional installation technicians will install your video surveillance systems ensuring full coverage of your area. Mounting the cameras, running the cables in a secure and fashioned manner, and establishing the connections to make sure that the system is aimed, focused, properly adjusted, and tied to our systems.

Upon the setup of the security system we can both train and provide you a tutorial of how to use the system or you can have Absolute Security and Personal Protection monitor your video feed. We have trained guards that can monitor your video stream live and alert you if any suspicious activity is present or notify the police if necessary. We will provide you with practical, cost-effective electronic security system options that either integrate with your current operations or establish new ones for you. As Denver cannabis security compliance changes, we will advise and help ensure your new system maintains within compliance of the special requirements mandated by the industry regulators.

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