What to Look for in a Security Company (Part 2 of 2) Find Denver’s Best Security Companies

What to look for in a security company
What to Look for in a Security Company (Part 1 of 2)
April 9, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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What to Look for in a Security Company (Part 2 of 2) Find Denver’s Best Security Companies

denver's best security companies

Finding Denver’s Best Security Companies

Previously, we had discussed the qualifications you must look for and questions you should ask when seeking a qualified security service company.  Use this information to find Denver’s best security companies.  You can find part one of this post here.

If you are seeking a security service provider in Denver, CO, there are a number of things you must look for and ask in order to obtain the best security services, capable of accommodating your needs.  With the wide variety of security service companies in Denver, certain expectations must be met and one of the best ways to understand the quality and extent of services provided is to simply ask questions.  In return, a qualified and experienced security company should have even more questions to ask you, relating to the services requested.  This is part two of the “What to Look for in a Security Company” post and is here to provide you with information of what kind of questions should you expect to hear from a qualified security company.  

What Questions Should You Expect To Hear?

When it comes to choosing a security service company, not only is it important to ask your own relevant questions and verify information, but it is also important to look for questions and information that are asked and verified by the security company.  Experienced and skilled security companies should not simply agree to provide you with a security guard or service without knowing key information relevant to your safety.  If a company displays a lack of interest, doesn’t seek to learn more about your needs or threats, and quickly agrees to provide you with a security service, be aware.  


For security services during overnight hours (such as warehouses, office/residential buildings, patrol, or off site surveillance), expect to hear these types of questions:

You can learn more about the overnight security services provided by Absolute Security & Personal Protection here.

-What kind of activity have you noticed or typically see around your building during requested hours?

It is important to note any suspicious activities you have noticed in the past.  Descriptions of suspicious individuals or vehicles are very helpful in minimizing risk of future break-ins.  

-Have you had break in attempts in the past?

By providing details of previous break in attempts, the security service provider will be better able to prepare the guards on duty.

-Are you aware of any gang or other violent activity in the area?

Gang and other criminal group activities often increase the potential for burglaries and other crime.  This is very valuable knowledge that should be sought out by your security service company.

-Do you have a camera system in place?

At times, it is recommended to have a camera system that monitors the property 24/7.  Such monitoring allows for on site and off site surveillance while minimizing risk and improving response times.  It is also important to identify the type of camera systems that may already be in place in order to ensure sufficient coverage and monitoring.  The security company must identify such information in order to recommend the best possible security plan for your business or property.

-Do you currently have an alarm company?

-If YES, how reliable has their service been?  Does the alarm company have access to the cameras?  How quick have the response times been?

Information regarding alarm and camera systems is crucial to any professional security company.  Factors such as remote camera viewing and alarm company response times are all critical for proper day to day operations.  If the alarm company is known to be slow and unreliable in regard to response times, security guard presence at the property must be recommended.

-What parts of the building/property are secured with a barrier(such as a fence, wall, gates, etc.)?

Knowledge of restricted areas is crucial when constructing a security plan in order to maintain restricted access in the noted areas.  Such barriers must also be consistently inspected by the security guards in order to maintain proper function.

-For areas that are not restricted, what kind of traffic is acceptable?

If your property or business is in a high traffic area that sees frequent pedestrians or vehicles, certain access may be acceptable.  However, it must be clarified in order to identify threats and restrict access to criminals or trespassers.

-Are vehicles or pedestrians able to pass through certain areas of your property?

As mentioned previously, if certain individuals have access to areas on your property, it’s important to know whether or not such access is acceptable.  Certain areas may seem unrestricted to trespassers on your property.  Therefore, it is important to notify the security company of such details in order to avoid loitering on your property.

-Do all gates, doors, and windows have adequate and properly functioning locks?

In cases of damaged doors, windows, gates, etc. Additional security coverage must be allocated to such areas.  If all areas are secured properly, the guards may simply verify proper operation or remote security monitoring may be sufficient.  Qualified security companies should identify the level security already in place and recommend appropriate services in order to minimize your costs.

-Are there weak spots such as broken windows where someone could obtain easy access?

In case of broken barriers, the security provider should allocate additional attention to such areas in order to minimize risk of break ins and further damage.  Such areas are often targeted in case of burglaries as they can often be noticeable to the public.  

-What is the main property/product or overall objective that is of most importance?  Most attention should be given regarding this.

By obtaining information regarding the main objective and or property that must be secured, the security firm will best know what to focus on in order to allocate resources efficiently.


For services relating to day hours (such as guards at your place of business during business hours or personal bodyguards), expect to hear these types of questions:

For more information regarding daytime security offered by Absolute Security & Personal Protection check out our residential security and daytime cannabis business security services.

-How many customers or other foot traffic do you see during business hours?

Depending on how busy your place of business is will decide on the amount of guards and level of security necessary to provide adequate protection.

-What are the busy times of the day/week when you expect to see an increase of traffic?

Certain days of the week and/or certain hours of the day may be busier than others.  This is important to know as the security firm could provide different levels of protection during different periods of time in order to fulfil necessary safety requirements while minimizing your cost.

-What problems/threats have you faced in the past? Are there certain individuals that are not allowed to enter your place of business?

If certain problematic activities have taken place in the past it is important to communicate such information as it will provide more key details for the security personnel to look for.  Notifying the security provider of individuals that are no longer allowed on your property will help the security staff act quickly in order to minimize risk of further problems.  

-Which areas of the building/property have restricted access, which areas are accessible to everyone?

Certain areas of the property may be accessible by anyone while other places may only be accessible by managers or owners.  Security guards can help control and limit access to these areas.

-Is there a need for attention regarding the staff?  Has the staff ever been suspected or found guilty of stealing or other unacceptable behaviour?

In certain cases, the staff can be suspected of stealing or partaking in inappropriate behaviour.  If there are such suspicions, the security company can look out for suspicious behaviour while minimizing losses.  

-Is the guard expected to interact with customers on a regular basis?

When guards are expected to greet customers/visitors, answer phones, or assist individuals with any other information, it is crucial that the guards on duty are properly trained to provide appropriate customer service.  In addition, relevant information about the business can be beneficial to guards who are actively involved in the day to day operations of the business.  Daytime guards provided by Absolute Security & Personal Protection are often working in places of business where they are required to greet customers, answer phone calls, and provide information and answer questions related to the business and or products.  This requires a great amount of knowledge and information relating to the place of business in order to provide a high quality of service that goes beyond the realm of basic security services.


-Is there a certain dress code required for the guards?

Depending on the job needed to be performed, guards must be notified of the expected attire.  Certain jobs may require a standard guard uniform with full gear while other jobs require executive attire such as a suit with no gear or weapons exposed.  By communicating such details, you will have guards who are able to present you and/or your company up to the necessary standards.  

-Are there certain specific rules/regulations that must be enforced?

Communicate details regarding rules that your place of business chooses to enforce and any regulations required by the city or state.  This is often relevant to cannabis businesses in Colorado.  Because of the vast regulations relating to compliance, security companies must be notified of important regulations that your business faces.  You can read more about Absolute Security & Personal Protection M.E.D. compliance enforcement services here. Other rules set in place by your company also need to be enforced by the security service provider.  

-What are your day to day procedures?

Certain procedures and tasks unique to your business such as business hours, limits to customer traffic,  and visitor check in procedures are all valuable to establishing a security plan during the daytime hours.

-Are the guard(s) responsible for allowing and limiting access to certain individuals such as employees, customers, or vendors?

Limited and restricted access areas are often regulated by security guards.  Your security provider must know of such areas and their limitations in order to properly control and monitor individual access.


These are some of the questions you should expect to hear from a security service company before contracting the work.  The lack of questions and information sought out by a security company can often be a sign for lack of experience.  Absolute Security & Personal Protection will strive to obtain as much relevant information as possible in order to ensure quality service that is tailored to your specific needs and is up to Denver’s best security company standards.  We ask questions such as the ones mentioned based on our vast experience offering security services in Denver, CO.  Without obtaining proper information, the quality of the security services is limited and can often have crucial gaps resulting in future problems.  

Use these tips when looking for Denver’s best security companies, in order to ensure the best security services possible.  By obtaining information regarding company experience, training, and operations, asking important questions, and finally looking for important signs displaying proper knowledge and understanding of the duties necessary, you will be better able to find a security provider that fulfills your demands.


If you are looking for a professional, experienced, and well established security company in Denver, CO, look no further.  Absolute Security & Personal Protection is here to assist you with your security needs.  

Call us at 303-570-3737 or email info@absolutesecurityandprotection.com to inquire regarding security services.


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