Marijuana Security and Protection

Safeguard your commercial property and assets from unwarranted liabilities,
from your grow to your shop, we are industry experts.

Absolute Security and Personal Protection offers professional security analysis for businesses throughout the Denver metro area.

We provide expert commercial property protection that will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your operations and business are safe and secure from potential threats.

The marijuana industry can benefit from the approach and strict ethics that Absolute Security and Personal Protection provides to set an industry standard. The professional armed and unarmed security guards are trained specifically to secure marijuana facilities, medical, and retail stores. Providing owner operators, bud tenders, and collective members with unparalleled security from a company with an equally strong reputation in the marijuana sector. Absolute Security & Personal Protection's trained security personnel reduce safety risks to your staff, customers, and assets while providing an additional layer of MED compliance. This includes risks associated with ID verification, cannabis consumption inside and outside of the property, loitering, asset protection, and other illegal activity around the property. Cannabis business security services are available 24/7 during business and overnight hours!.

Our security officers are only the most qualified in the region, hand selected and recruited based off their protection background, untainted record, and personal character and morals. The highly trained guards are up to date on industry protocol and security compliance, positioning them as your ideal choice for physical security for your dispensary, grow or delivery service, or onsite distribution site.

Tailored Security Service

Whether you just need security protection at your cannabis grow facility, throughout the transportation process, or at your retail establishment, Absolute Security and Personal Protection is able to cater to your cannabis security needs.

Create a personalized security plan for your business; it’s locations, hours, staff, and customers. There are a variety of services that we can provide to the cannabis industry, depending on what your business model and needs are. Our professional security operators are able to help you evaluate what is the best security detail for your protections so we can custom tailor our services to fit. Absolute Security & Personal Protection closely tracks and follows all Marijuana Enforcement Division rules and requirements in order to provide adequate regulation oversight and enforcement in relationship to all relevant cannabis security services.

With our personalized evaluations you’ll be able to make a decision where you need onsite armed security, remote surveillance, night patrol, or even a 24 hour security coverage for your business and it’s locations. Our plans will help you optimize the security protection for your cannabis business while minimizing risk and cost.


If you have a camera system in place but don’t have a company in place to provide 24-hour surveillance for the cameras at your various locations, Absolute Security and Personal Protection can assist you. Our highly trained surveillance team provides local businesses the opportunity to have a new or their current security system monitored on your behalf.

In the case that there is any disturbance, issues, or crime we are able to provide you a notification, onsite security, and even notify the police if necessary. Have us watch your business when you’re not there or provide you the assurance of around the clock surveillance through your surveillance system. If you are looking to obtain a security camera system, we are able to assist you with choosing the equipment that's right for you. Learn more about our camera installation services Here

Licensed and Insured

All of our guards have their Merchant Guard License and carry their license on them while on duty. Undergoing thorough industry training courses and background checks, physicals, and a test period, our security guards are trained to provide the highest level of security and personal respect for your cannabis business.

Absolute Security and Personal Protection is also MED – Marijuana Enforcement Division licensed to be inside of the stores and around the product at retail stores. Insured and bonded through the state of Colorado, we help ensure that your business is able to operate without any distractions, threats, or complications due to poor security.

Whether it's regarding their outstanding customer service to their level of professionalism, Absolute Security & Personal Protection is the company to look towards when you have an event or retail location in need. It certainly speaks to their training and ability that not only can any situation be handled, but will be done so in the manner that is friendly and respectful. Very personable and always finding ways to help out and go above and beyond their minimum required duties. I would send these guys to any event from small promotional gigs to large corporate parties; they guarantee a job well done and satisfaction for their customers.

- Michael H.

To create a safe and secure retail atmosphere for your staff and customers our professional security guards exercise their security and protection experience to provide superior service you need, including:

Retail Security and Safety Training

Safe and Proactive Responses to Active Shooter Scenarios

Personal Defensive Techniques + Armored Vehicle Operation and Details

Crime Prevention Through Space Designed Security Plans

Compliance Audits and Reporting + Company and Industry Procedures and Processes

Security Driving and VIP Protection

If you care for more information or an analysis of your current operations and how what additional precautions your business could take please contact us for a free evaluation.

We proudly serve the Denver area with video camera installation, monitoring, and business protection from the LoDo area to Washington Park, Aurora, Boulder, to other suburban areas like Cherry Creek to Centennial and Lakewood. Contact us to learn how we can enhance security and monitor your business for additional convenience through a professional quality video surveillance system.

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We proudly serve the Denver area with video camera installation from the LoDo area to Washington Park, Aurora, Boulder, to other suburban areas like Cherry Creek to Centennial and Lakewood. Contact us to learn how we can enhance security and monitor your business for additional convenience through a professional quality video surveillance system.

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Specializing in armed marijuana security services for retail and medical cannabis dispensaries, grow operations, warehouses, and processing facilities.

Day Time Business Security

During hours of operation, we provide professional armed guards that focus on securing your business and personnel while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your customers.  The security guards specialize on monitoring activity inside and outside of your business. Our retail and medical cannabis security services are also able to assist the company staff with other necessary tasks such as fulfilling front desk duties, patient and customer check in, answering phone calls, greeting and assisting customers, and other tasks that may be requested.

Overnight Security

Overnight armed security services for cannabis grow, storage, and processing facilities will minimize risk of burglary, vandalism, and trespassing.  Our armed security guards secure and monitor the property by keeping post inside or outside the building, regular patrols, communication, and alerts from nearby activity.  We custom tailor our security services to the needs and level of protection necessary to maximize the level of security.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Absolute Security & Personal Protection provides camera installation and monitoring services in accordance to Colorado M.E.D. regulations.  Our Colorado cannabis industry expertise provides you with the necessary equipment and coverage that is needed to provide adequate security monitoring 24/7.  In addition we offer remote security camera surveillance services.  When using this service, your camera and alarm systems are monitored at a remote location.  In case of any suspicious activity, we are able to dispatch a guard or contact local authorities while minimizing response time.

Compliance Enforcement

Our team of professional security guards is well experienced and aware of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division rules and regulations.  We offer security compliance enforcement at your place of business to minimize risk regarding potential violations from employees or customers.  Compliance consulting services will also offer assistance and training to you and your employees.

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