Overnight Security for Cannabis Businesses

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February 16, 2016
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Overnight Security for Cannabis Businesses

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Overnight Security for Cannabis Businesses


The Situation


The legalization of recreational and medical cannabis in the state of Colorado has developed a new and growing industry that has created tremendous results for the state.  Thousand of jobs have been created, millions of dollars in tax revenue have been collected, and tons of new opportunities for Colorado residents and it’s visitors have evolved.  As of November 2nd, 2015 the state of Colorado is home to 394 recreational marijuana stores and 517 medical marijuana centers.  Just during 2014, the state of Colorado had collected 44 million dollars in recreational marijuana tax revenue.  This does not include taxes collected from medical cannabis purchases and revenue from extensive licensing fees.  In addition, different industries have also been able to benefit from the emerging cannabis industry.  There is no doubt of the positive impact that these facilities have had on Colorado’s  growing economy.  The commercial real estate market, financial services, legal services, and many others have all greatly benefited by receiving a new kind of demand from the cannabis industry.  However, certain services may not be overlooked during this “Green Rush”.   As certain risks arise, it is crucial to understand the growing importance of overnight security for cannabis businesses including warehouse security, remote surveillance, and warehouse patrol.


The Challenge


While the cannabis industry brings great benefits to Colorado, it is very important to understand the security concerns marijuana businesses face.  During 2014, there have been 118 reported burglaries and 4 reported robberies in the city and county of Denver.  This statistic shows, that most of the crimes against marijuana businesses took place without the victim present.  Most of these crimes include overnight burglaries of grow and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and retail stores.  While the marijuana enforcement division (MED) requires all cannabis facilities to posses security camera systems, many businesses lack expert twentyfour hour surveillance of such systems.  Since 2011, Absolute Security & Personal Protection has worked with business operating in the cannabis industry.  We have seen countless examples of companies reaching out to us, only after the burglaries have occurred.  Simply meeting MED requirements for camera systems, alarms, doors, and other safety features is just not enough.  Due to the lack of additional surveillance and security, many risks emerge threatening the assets of the businesses.  


The Solution

Fortunately, Absolute Security & Personal Protection has been able to help solve surveillance concerns for many of these businesses.  For most cannabis cultivation facilities, twenty four hour armed security must be a top priority.   Absolute Security & Personal Protection has worked with businesses from all different stages, yet when it comes to cannabis grow and storage facilities, armed security is our number one recommendation.  In all cases, we provide armed guards with extensive military, martial arts, and law enforcement training that understand the ins and outs of the cannabis industry and the threats it poses.  Typically, our guards would be physically located near or inside of the businesses facility monitoring all of the security surveillance systems.  Communication is established with other nearby guards and teams in order to provide additional layers of security in case of large threats.  By doing so, our guards can assist each other when needed.   In any attempted case of disturbance, guards are immediately notified through motion sensors and camera surveillance.  Our guards are then able to respond immediately and face any threat to the facility.  This is the key difference between using armed guards versus a standard security/alarm system in which response times vary and are typically too slow to prohibit crime.  In addition, the consistent presence of armed guards within different facilities acts as a fast deterrence for any future attempted threat during day and night operations.   


Since 2011, Absolute Security & Personal Protection has had zero successful break ins in the managed facilities.  Enhance the level of protection of your property and assets by establishing warehouse security, remote surveillance, and property patrol by working with Absolute Security & Personal Protection.  


To inquire about overnight security for cannabis businesses contact Absolute Security & Personal Protection at 303-570-3737 or Email info@absolutesecurityandprotection.com


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