Remembering Those Who Served Us: Local Security Company Gives Back to Colorado’s Veteran Community

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Remembering Those Who Served Us: Local Security Company Gives Back to Colorado’s Veteran Community

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Juan Ornelas



For Immediate Release: 6/14/2016


Remembering Those Who Served Us:  Local Security Company Gives Back to Colorado’s Veteran Community


Denver, CO, June 14, 2016- Absolute Security & Personal Protection is partnering with local nursing homes and other assisted living communities that provide housing and assistance to Military Veterans.  Absolute Security & Personal Protection is launching a program in which donations, volunteer services, and other specifically requested items will be provided directly to the Veterans with unique and specific needs while minimizing and eliminating certain operating costs and donation losses often associated with large non-profit organizations.  The program is expected to increase awareness regarding Military Veteran needs and the available support, resources, and community engagement.


Every month, different individuals within assisted living communities will be selected to be a part of this program.  The selected individuals will then be able to submit requests for items or services that are currently not available to them or are simply beyond their budget.  Absolute Security & Personal Protection will then provide such items and services based on individual needs.  This program is unique as it will allow for more control and transparency regarding donations.  Juan Ornelas, the owner of Absolute Security & Personal Protection explained, “While we have always wanted to give back to the community and Veterans in particular, existing non-profit organizations and donation opportunities have lacked transparency.  Most often, only a small fraction of your donation reaches the individual or cause it was intended for.”  By taking matters into its own hands, Absolute Security & Personal Protection will now be able to provide the requested items or services directly to the people in need.  This will minimize the potential for deceptive practices while directly reaching those in need.  


The objective of this program is to increase awareness of the everyday obstacles faced by our Veteran community while improving the available support.  Many Veterans face physical and mental health challenges everyday that are often overlooked.  “Our company is attempting to better identify and expose such needs in order to provide adequate support for the Military Veterans that risked their lives for our country,” Juan Ornelas explained.

About the Company


Absolute Security & Personal Protection is an expert security services company based out of Denver, CO.  The company has always had a close connection with Veterans as it is mainly composed of previous and existing members of the country’s armed forces.  The company provides a variety of security services including armed guards, patrol, remote surveillance, event security, and others.


To learn more about Absolute Security & Personal Protection or how to get involved with this program, visit or call 303-570-3737.


SOURCE: Absolute Security & Personal Protection

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