How Residential Community Security Services Increase Property Value

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How Residential Community Security Services Increase Property Value

event security Residential Community Security Services

The Value of Residential Community Security Services

Our previous article broadly discussed the main benefits of obtaining security services for your residential property.  Such benefits include protecting your tenants, protecting your property and assets, and increasing the overall appearance of your property which will increase monthly rent and the number of active residents.  This article focuses on the benefits which increase the value of your residential community, apartments, or condominiums which will help obtain new tenants while charging increased rates.  By acquiring residential community security services that are available at your property during the day and night hours, the value of your property will improve as tenants will recognize the additional layers of security, access to different areas and buildings will be controlled or limited, and residents will have access to a convenient service that can assist them with security concerns or other resident related problems.  

Improving Overall Levels of Residential Community Security.

The level of the residential community security services available at your property and overall safety of the neighborhood are often viewed by many tenants as a key factors when choosing a residence.  Gated communities are often favored by new tenants due to their perceived safety levels.  Security guards on site of the property can act as a substitute or addition to gated communities which will further increase the safety of the residential community.  Tenants living in currently gated communities will enjoy the additional security that is present at the entrance.  Such security guards can also help assist or direct visitors or potential new tenants to proper areas of the community.  Unauthorized visitors are also prevented from accessing the community areas and potentially causing harm to the residents or your property.  For non-gated communities, the visible presence and patrol of security guards will offer similar benefits as new or existing tenants will quickly notice the security guards and their presence.  Such presence and visibility gives a great first impression to your tenants while deterring criminals that pose a threat of burglaries or vandalism at your residential community.  

Limiting Access and Improving Amenity Accessibility.

Security guards for residential communities, apartments, and condominiums also help control or limit access to certain areas or buildings.  Certain amenities and common areas such as pool areas, fitness facilities, and other recreational areas often have limited operating hours in order to limit noise disturbances or simply to limit the risk of vandalism while no staff is on site.  Our security guards can help eliminate such problems.  In the past, our clients have been able to extend the operational hours of fitness facilities as our guards are on site during the night hours.  The security guards are able to monitor the facility in order to prevent vandalism, while the tenants appreciate the accessibility of a fitness facility twenty four hours a day.  Other common areas such as the pool area may also be controlled by the security guards.  The guards are able to open and close the pool area in the morning and evening hours before and after the leasing office staff comes in.  This allows for tenants to enjoy your existing amenities for extended hours which ultimately improves the value of your community.  


Lastly, security guards offer a convenient service to your residents which allows for quick response times and assistance during night hours when property managers are not present.  In case of disturbances, our guards are able to respond quickly in order to resolve minor issues without causing further trouble.  In many cases, such minor disturbances can be resolved and prevented by our security staff without your residents having to contact the police or other authorities which may cause future liabilities.  The security guards at residential communities are also able to assist residents with non security related problems while property managers are off duty.  In cases such as lost belongings inside restricted access areas or simply helping with community related questions and information, our security guards are able to assist your tenants while you’re not there.

By providing additional layers of security and safety to the residents, improving the accessibility and protection of amenities and common areas, and providing tenants with a convenient security service capable of handling diverse situations, your residential community will become much more desirable.  Such security services will help your residential community obtain and retain new and existing tenants while maintaining a community of satisfied residents.  
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