Residential Property Security Services

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Residential Property Security Services

Residential Property Security Services

With the growing real estate market in Denver, Colorado, residential properties offering apartment rentals have a great opportunity to grow their business.  To remain competitive, residential properties must consistently come up with ways to differentiate themselves in order to attract and maintain new and existing tenants.   Residential property managers will often strive to increase the value of their rental properties by offering special amenities, remodeling and updating units, or investing into landscaping and exterior keep.  While all of these strategies are beneficial and bring added value to the residents, security services on your property must not be overlooked.  Not only do residential property security services provide comfort to your residents, your property and assets obtain new layers of protection from unruly residents and unwanted visitors.  By providing professional residential property security services to your tenants you will increase the value of your property while protecting your own assets.  It is important to understand the common problems that may occur and how our custom tailored residential property security services can help you minimize risk.  

Residential Property Security Services for Your Tenants

Residential security services act as a great supplement to amenities already in place.  Tenants will appreciate the safety and comfort provided by Absolute Security & Personal Protection which will create an improved overall standard of living at your property.  We offer a variety of services that can be picked and custom tailored to the needs of your property and the residents.   Whether it’s having armed guards on site, on site or off site video surveillance, periodic patrol, or simply being on call for disturbances, the value added to your property will be appreciated by your tenants, ultimately resulting in the potential for increased rental rates and improved tenant acquisition.  Similar to gated communities which are highly sought out by potential tenants, having guards on site will provide a comparable level of protection.  In cases such as noise disturbances, your tenants can simply call our security team in order for them to handle the situation.  The solution may be as simple as having our guard attend to a neighboring unit and issue a warning.  This type of response and service is very simple, fast, and convenient for your tenants.  

Protecting Your Property and Assets

The importance of protecting the residential property itself and the assets within must also be understood.  While most tenants appreciate having residential security services available, certain unruly tenants may cause problems of their own.  When disturbances take place, our professional guards can respond immediately by being on site and quickly reduce the risk of any potential or further damage that may be caused to your property and assets.  In case of unwanted guests or trespassers loitering on your property, our surveillance team and guards work together in order to reduce the risk of theft, burglary, and violence on your property.  This adds another layer of protection to your assets that are commonly accessible by the tenants and visitors.   Common areas such as the gym, pool, and office can often inquire damages without knowing who is to blame.  Our surveillance team is able to observe and report unruly behaviour quickly in order to prevent further damage and identify the individuals responsible.  The residential property security services provided by Absolute Security & Personal Protection is here to provide you with a security team that is able to monitor suspicious activity, respond quickly, and reduce the risk of costly damages that may be incurred by the property managers.  

For most, mid-sized(100-200 units) residential properties occupied by tenants,  we recommend 24/7 video surveillance, alarm systems throughout limited access areas, and one or more armed guards who are present at the property during night hours.  Larger and more complex properties often require guard presence twenty four hours a day in order to minimize all necessary risks.  For smaller properties(100 units or less), simply having off site camera surveillance that can dispatch a guard or contact the police may be sufficient.  It is important to note that different properties pose different risks; therefore, we custom tailor your services based on your budget and needs.  

Absolute Security & Personal Protection is here to provide you with professional residential property security services that will provide you and your tenants with peace of mind and comfort.  Your tenants will appreciate the additional layer of safety offered to them while you secure your assets from damage or misuse.


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