Top Benefits of Security Compliance Enforcement

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January 17, 2016
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Residential Property Security Services
March 23, 2016
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Top Benefits of Security Compliance Enforcement

Cannabis dispensaries throughout Colorado have gone through a fascinating last two years.  Everyone involved with the industry has had an opportunity to learn and evolve as the industry changes frequently due to constantly evolving MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) regulations.  Regulations regarding security concerns, identification requirements, and licensing will affect the day to day operations of cannabis dispensaries and cultivation facilities.  The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has very strict rules regulations regarding overall security, on-site product consumption, and acceptable forms of identification for patrons of medical and recreational marijuana facilities.  Many visitors will be surprised to hear that out of country, any temporary, and even valid vertical ID’s are not accepted.  However, visitors of cannabis dispensaries should not be the only ones paying attention to what form of ID to bring.  These regulations are heavily enforced by the MED.  Failure to do so can result in extensive fines and ultimately shut down the business.  Absolute Security & Personal Protection is here to provide you with professional security compliance enforcement that is often overlooked.

In September of 2015, the MED and the Denver Police Department sent secret shoppers into recreational cannabis dispensaries throughout Denver.  Seven of the stores were cited for allegedly selling recreational cannabis products to minors.  You can read more about the incident here.  These types of mistakes can be easily avoided by having a trained security staff on hand.  In this particular situation, the businesses staff was not properly trained to identify proper ID’s and allowed for illegal transactions to take place.  It is very important to have consistent, up to date training on ID verification and requirements in order to avoid penalties.  

Other problems may emerge from not having security monitoring cameras and activity inside and outside of the store.  While it is obvious that security personnel provide additional layers of safety for the staff, customers, and the business, MED regulation enforcement by the security guards are often overlooked.  Colorado law does not allow for any consumption of cannabis products in public.  This also includes the property of the retail or medical facility.  Many customers are not aware of these regulations and will begin to consume products before ever leaving the property.  In addition, it is not an uncommon occurrence to have minors present outside the property asking other patrons to make a purchase for them.  While most patrons realize this is illegal and ignore such requests, it creates an uncomfortable environment for your customers while creating a risk for unauthorized transactions. These are also major MED violations that can result in strict penalties for the business.  It is important to have consistent surveillance on the interior and exterior of the property in order to respond immediately to individuals not in compliance with MED regulations. Our staff will monitor the cameras in order to observe any activities inside or outside of the store that may go against MED regulations.  This includes consumption of cannabis on the premises by customers or even the staff, loitering on the property, and other illegal activities on your property.  

By having expert Absolute Security & Personal Protection guards present at your store, you will reduce the potential risk of fraudulent or unacceptable ID’s being accepted, the risk of on site cannabis consumption, loitering, and will ultimately improve the customer experience by creating a safe and comfortable environment around them while further improving overall MED compliance enforcement throughout your property.


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