What to Look for in a Security Company (Part 1 of 2)

Residential Property Security Services
Residential Property Security Services
March 23, 2016
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What to Look for in a Security Company (Part 2 of 2) Find Denver’s Best Security Companies
April 22, 2016
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What to Look for in a Security Company (Part 1 of 2)

What to look for in a security company

What to Look for in a Security Company (Part 1 of 2)

If you are seeking a security service provider in Denver, CO, you maybe asking yourself what to look for in a security company.  There are a number of things you must identify, understand, and ask in order to obtain the best security services capable of accommodating your needs.  With the wide variety of security service companies in Denver, certain expectations must be met and one of the best ways to understand the quality and extent of services provided is to simply ask questions.  In return, a qualified and experienced security company should have even more questions to ask you, relating to the services requested.  This article is here to provide you with an understanding of the types of qualifications you should look for, the type of questions you shall ask, and what kind of questions should you expect to hear from a security company.  This is part one of the security requirements and qualifications you should look for in a security company when seeking the best quality security services available, relevant to your needs in Denver, Colorado.  


What Qualifications/Experience Should Your Security Company Have?

No matter what kind of security service you are seeking, security companies must have certain qualifications and relevant experience to back up their promises.  Simply providing guards with no relevant experience and training will offer no benefit to you or your business.  Depending on the difficulty and risk of the job, guards must be chosen carefully with detail to attention.  When security is needed in high risk locations dealing with high traffic of people, guards with military experience are recommended.  Military training typically results in high level skills of awareness, composure, and attention to detail among other combat and defense skills.  In other lower risk situations that offer less traffic, guards that have extensive martial arts, hand to hand combat, and firearms experience are sufficient.  This type of training is crucial to dealing with incidents involving aggressive individuals in close proximity.  In nearly all cases, armed guards are recommended.  Armed guards in the State of Colorado must obtain a armed guard certification in addition to their merchant guard license.  This certification requires a minimum of eight hours training and testing.  It’s important to note that eight hours of training and simply meeting minimum state testing requirements is often not sufficient.  When looking for a quality security service, it is important to understand the amount of additional hand to hand and weapons training that the guards have received in order to obtain the best possible security service capable of handling your needs.  Lastly, certain jobs may not pose high risk and simply require a guard capable of observing, monitoring, and reporting certain activities while interacting with customers or visitors in a professional matter.  In these cases, communication and personal skills are very important in order to provide a level of customer service that your business expects.  While certain guards may have outstanding military and combat training, customer service skills may not be their specialty.  It is important to understand these differences in order to obtain a guard that is capable of completing their required duties relevant to the job, while meeting all of your expectations.

For example, Absolute Security & Personal Protection only hires individuals that have extensive military experience or have proven hand to hand training such as martial arts.  Military experience and training is always preferred as it provides guards with quality all around training that is useful in most situations.  Weapons training is another top priority for our guards as everyone is expected to be able to possess and handle a firearm.  Our initial training(required before anyone can begin work) consists of the initial eight hour firearm training requirement imposed by the State of Colorado in addition to time requirements at the shooting range with our instructors.  Additional training varies based on previous experience, shooting accuracy, firearm draw time, weapon handling skills, and other relevant factors.  Once a guard is able to prove proficiency in all of these areas, only then they are allowed to begin work in the field.  After the initial training period, guards are expected to meet with firearm instructors at least once a month in order to maintain and improve on the necessary training and skills.  

Hand to hand and combat training is treated in a similar matter.  While all new hires are expected to have certain levels of relevant combat training, everyone is tested up the standards required by Absolute Security & Personal Protection in order to be sure of all necessary skills.  Similar to firearm training, combat training is also maintained with monthly training sessions that provides a variety of martial arts skills and defense techniques.  Lastly, we impose strict customer service and communication requirements to all of our guards that have to interact with customers and visitors at your place of business.  This allows you to have our guards as members of your team, providing a high level of customer service that is expected.  


What Questions Should You Ask?

After identifying and verifying adequate security company information and requirements, asking questions will help you better understand what to look for in a security company that fits your demands. As mentioned previously, one of the first questions you should ask your potential security service provider is the extent of training that is offered to their guards.  Based on the security service you are seeking, look for training and qualifications that were outlined previously.  It is also important to ask questions regarding licensing, insurance, and overall experience and operations of the security company.  These questions should take place during the initial stages of seeking and locating a security service provider as the answers can quickly disqualify certain candidates.  


Here are some questions you should consider asking when interviewing potential security service providers:


Is the company and the guards properly licensed?

In order to avoid legal troubles and liability, obtain verification of adequate licensing possessed by the security company and it’s employees.  This will ensure that the company is legitimate and will not cause liability headaches in the future.  Security companies in Denver, CO must have a Merchant Guard Company license and all security guards must possess a Merchant Guard License.  When using armed guards, armed guard certifications are required in addition to the Merchant Guard License.  


Is the security company bonded and insured?

It is very important to only work with security companies that possess proof of proper insurance in case of incidents or damages that have incurred at the fault of the security service provider.  Otherwise, you may be left responsible for unnecessary expenses that were caused by irresponsible and careless action.


How many hours of firearm/combat training have your guards received?

Depending on the service needed, armed guards may be necessary.   After verifying their armed guard certification status, look for a minimum of ten hours firearm training in addition to the requirements imposed by the state.  As mentioned previously, additional and ongoing firearm training is crucial to ensuring adequate trainingIn addition, make sure the potential guards are properly trained to deal with hand to hand combat scenarios.  While no minimum hand to hand training requirements are enforced by the state, expect additional combat training from your security service company. Unless the guards servicing you have extensive military, hand to hand combat, or firearms training, expect to meet these requirements in order to ensure top quality security services.  


Are the guards adequately trained to provide appropriate customer service?

If you are seeking a guard to provide security services at your place of business during business hours, it is important that the guard is able to interact with your customers and staff in a professional manner.  Customer service skills are often overlooked by security companies which causes complaints from the customers and staff while creating an uncomfortable environment for everyone.  It should be expected that the company providing security guards has provided not only weapons and combat training but has also provided adequate customer service training to the guards.  Having guards with exceptional customer service and communication skills will not only help provide a comfortable environment for everyone at your place of business, but will also result in beneficial skills in case of conflict and problem resolution avoiding further conflict or violence.  


References, customer testimonials, and reviews:

Once you confirm the necessary requirements of a security company, make sure to ask for current or previous customer references, testimonials, and look for reviews.  Even though a company may claim exceptional quality security services, one of the best ways to confirm the actual level of expertise is to receive their customer feedback.  Look for reviews from companies such as Yelp and Google.

Next week we will publish part two of what to look for in a security company.

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